Homemade Dessert

Mango Cheesecake £5.95

A rich mix of coconut, cream cheese, mango and white chocolate is resting on a ginger nut biscuit base.

Indian Carrot Hallowa (Carrot Base Pudding) £4.95

Freshly grated carrot fried in ghee (Indian butter), cardamom milk and Demerara sugar, cooked with almonds, mixed nuts and served with fresh cream.

Mango Delight £4.95

Vanilla ice-cream mixed with mango coulis and Strawberry coulis served with a wafer.

Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake £4.95

Hot chocolate fudge cake served with cream.

Gulab Jamun £4.50

A traditional Indian sweet; milk & flour-based soft balls of fried dough in rosewater sugar syrup served with cream.